Trained in coaching and mediation I work with my clients to foster their self-awareness and personal achievement.  I also focus on developing their ability to communicate and interact harmoniously with others.


Growing in harmony, detecting, preventing and solving conflicts with empathy and mutual respect  ask for an acute awareness of one's own needs as well as the needs of others. This also requires self-confidence, trust in others, communication skills, creativity and even, sometimes, audacity.


These skills can be taught and promoted at an early age.  This is why I work with adults as well as with children and teen-agers, in school, family, corporate coaching and mediation.


My wish is to enlight my client's road to enable them to choose their own path of development.




Mediator(Certificat Interuniversitaire en médiation civile, commerciale et sociale - UCL-Saint-Louis)


Certified MBTI practitioner


Certified NLP Practitioner (Institut Ressources)


Trained in Neuro-sciences (Institut de Neuro-Cognitivisme)